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¬°Escriba! A hybrid rich-text/Markdown editor for Qt.

Available Downloads


Escriba is an embedable rich-text/markdown text-editor availible for Linux, Mac, and (soon to come) Windows.

  • Escriba.pro - include this file if you want to embed Escriba into your app.
  • Escriba-dev.pro - This is an example project that is used for the development of Escriba. Check out src/example.cpp as an example of how to use Escriba.

Windows Note: I have yet to test out Windows support. Most likely the only changes needed will be in the QMake project file and/or the CMake of Markdownpanda, to configure library linking.


This project is forked from MRichTextEditor. Thank you for the nice starting point, Anchakor.

Check out CHANGES.txt to see the changes made to the original MRichTextEditor.

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