Dev Log Week #1 - Decemember 10-15

Welcome to the first weekly dev log of Vibrato Notes! This week I was not massively productive but managed to crank away various important changes in the desktop app.

The Changes:

  • Added various tag operations (add tag, delete tag, rename tag)
  • Created a ‘Manager’ class to hold all of the UI Managers. This makes it easy to access each of the UI Manager instances in all of the UI Manager classes.
  • Improved the ux of the ‘New Note’ feature.
  • Made the notelist sidebar properly refresh when a notebook is renamed.
  • Fixed bug where imported notebooks in ‘Default Notebook’ weren’t properly set.
  • Improved the ux when modifying note data. Most notably, when you right click the notebook tree and create a new notebook, it will immediately got into edit mode. (Saves you the step of having to right click again and edit.)
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